रविवार, 21 जून 2009


Father's day is a day honoring fathers.It is celebrated on third Sunday of June in 52 countries whilst other countries celebrate this day on various others days.

On this day typically children take their fathers out for dinner , give them gifts and do various things to keep the father happy.

I for one did not catch this idea of "celebrating " fathers day early in my life and hence doing acts of extra " kindness " towards my father on this day. But the good thing is that by virtue of being born in a middle class family - I always gave all the pleasure to father of being an obedient , respecting daughter all through his life - I never reserved the feelings for one day of the year.

Whilst I do encourage my children to give gifts to my husband on fathers day but luckily I have been able to inculcate a set of values in my children where my husband would never feel that any day of the year is not fathers day.

I strongly believe that fathers day ( for that matter mothers day too ) is something which is available all through the year to children at all stages of life . One must treat their parents with dignity and reverence of nothing less than a god. Being a student of astrology , I strongly believe that this will surely bring more and more happiness back to the children and their family.

Even if it is for selfish reason of getting happiness back or out of love and affection , I believe if today children can have the feeling of seeing god in their parents , it would help improve the society to a very large extent।

If one chants the following mantra everyday atleast 9 times one can attract happiness , health , love and fulfillment in his or her life.

ॐ श्री जनक जननी परमेश्वराए नमः

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