गुरुवार, 27 अगस्त 2009

Every Blossom Cannot Bear a Fruit

We sense pain for every small ailment. We shed tears if our beloved ones fall sick. We prostrate before God and seek His protection. When God listens to our prayer, removes all sufferings and wipes out our tears, our heart leaps in joy. Again, the cycle of troubles, tears, prayers and making vows to God starts. Yet, we do not become wise. We always crave for ephemeral pleasures instead of longing for perennial happiness in life offered by Baba. Many devotees came to Baba imploring Him to bless them with jobs, children or material prosperity. Very few came to serve Him and got self-enlightened. On one occasion, a disciple, on seeing a large crowd assembled at Dwarakamayi, questioned, 'Baba! Will they all be blessed and liberated'? Baba smiled, pointing to a mango tree full of blossoms and questioned him back, "will all the blossoms turn into fruit"? Some blossoms would drop, some as tender fruit and only a very few get ripened into fruits. Just as many foolish ones go to the Magic Mountain Meru, the Wish-Fulfilling Tree, which can grant any wish but ask it for a nose-stud, so also many people go to Baba and seek His blessings only to get their petty worldly desires fulfilled. If we truly surrender to Baba and pray to Him with a devout heart, He washes our sins and tears and hugs us to His heart in deep delight.

Without Shri Sadguru Sainath, our week would be:- Sin-day,- Mourn-day,- Tears-day,- Waste-day,- Thirst-day,- Fight-day- Shatter-day.Remember seven days WITHOUT SAIBABA Makes One Weak.

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