रविवार, 3 मई 2009


Many times people say that even a criminal gets gods blessings much the same way as any other devotee and hence even worst of people can do all the wrong and seek blessings from god to get rid of it.

I will explain this in simple terms. Let us assume God is a magnet ( which he is ! ) and human beings are made of iron. And as we know from science that any iron product gets attracted towards magnet irrespective of whether that iron is in form of knife which a butcher uses ( much like criminals ) or in form of a utility item say iron bucket which is used for storing water. What it only means that anyone god or bad can go to god and seek blessings and change themselves. This does not mean that all their previous sins have been pardoned by god or they will not suffer for their Karma , what it simply means that once they go to god from there on they will slowly turn away from evil deeds and convert into better human beings.

We all know the story about Maharishi Valmiki who was a dacoit before he converted to being a strong disciple of Lord Ram and went on to write Ramayana , the famous holy book of Hindu’s.

So God is a very powerful magnet and will attract all human beings equally whether good or bad.

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