रविवार, 3 मई 2009

SAI BABA MIRACLE - साईं बाबा का चमत्कार

साईं नाथ प्रभु की जय

We had visited Shirdi recently and had a very nice divine darshan of Prabhu Sai Nath.

From there we had brought udi , photos and idols of Sain Nath for distribution. One such idol / statue we had given to our house maid. She took the same with her and started daily arti and pooja of Sai Nath Prabhu in her house.

For quite some time she was intending to construct a small room in her house and was in need of Rs 10000/= for this. She was requesting in all houses where she works for this advance money. However there was always some obstacle or the other and she was not able to get this money.

After she started pooja and arti of Sai Nath Prabhu , the very following Thursday she prayed to Sai Baba for help and same day she got advance from all the houses and could collect Rs 10000/= and start construction work of the room which she was intending for some time.

This was surely possible only due to divine miracle and help of Sia Nath Parbhu.

साईं नाथ प्रभु की जय ।

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