शुक्रवार, 1 मई 2009


सुमंगल विचार

Given below are top ten golden rules of life :-
1. Love everybody , Believe and Trust few people and never cause harm to anybody.
2. People who have positive & good thoughts are never alone in life.
3. If you want your children to be good and having good values , you should first become good yourself and have good values and habits.
4. Don’t be so soft that you are squeezed by others but also do not become so stiff that you are broken by others.
5. Your own behavior will win you friends or enemies and hence always keep a check on your behavior.
6. If you earn with hundreds of hands you should distribute some of it amongst the needy and poor …always believe that this is something you have got from God and be grateful to god and society for this .
7. Self improvement is the best service to society as an improved person can contribute to the society rather than becoming a weight on the society.
8. Don’t live to eat but eat to live.
9. Conserve environment you owe this to your next generations eg Plant trees in and around where you live.
10. Finally the golden rule of being happy and content in life – Forget the good you have done to others and Forget the bad that others have done to you.

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