बुधवार, 11 मार्च 2009


Gemstones are used to either strengthen or balance the energies of the planets i.e. strengthen weak planets to create good effect, or further strengthen already strong planets, so that their impact is more pronounced. All good and bad effects multiply at the same time and therefore there is a need for balance.

The Gemstones have to be of specific weight (in carats, or in ratti). They are worn either in gold or in silver in appropriate finger, when the planet is in own/friendly sign, on the planet’s day of the week, in the morning and after chanting the ruling god’s name 108 times. It is important that these gems do not have any flaw as much as possible and should be of good quality.

There are some alternatives to wearing these gemstones :-
1. There are cheaper alternatives available in the market. e.g. one can replace Pukhraj with Yellow Zircon for Jupiter. Clear Zircon can be substituted for a diamond etc.

2. One can choose to worship the ruling deity .This is a very good alternate to wearing gemstones

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