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Introduction -

It is said whoever does Mritunjaya Mantra Jap everyday becomes free from all diseases and achieves long life. The story behind how this mantra came into existence is as follows – There was a boy who was blessed with long life by Rishis and Munis , however it turned out latter that he had only 10 years of total life. Rishis advised the boy to do Maha Mritunjaya Jap everyday. The boy started doing the Jap with full divinity and following all the rituals. Time passed by and one day Yumdoot came to take his life ( Soul / Atma ) but the Yums could not take the boys life because he was deeply engrossed in Maha Mritunjaya Mantra Jap. Since they returned empty handed , Yumraj himself came to take the boys life . The boy got scared by seeing the fearful face of Yumraj and he embraced the Shiv Linga. At that moment Lord Shiva appeared from Shiva Linga and told Yumraj not to take life of the boy and he further told Yumraj that he should not go to anyone who does regular practice of this mantra. Yumraj returned from there without taking life of the boy and since then Yumraj is following Lord Shiva’s advise and does not go to take life of whoever practices Maha Mritunjaya Mantra.
The Mantra
Aum Trayambakam YajaamaheySugandhim Pusti VardhanamUrvaarukamiva BandhanaathMrutyor Muksheeya Maamritaat
Meaning: We worship the three eyed Lord Shiva . May the lord liberate me from fear of death and make me immortal.
When , How Many Mrityunjaya Mantra Jap
As stated above Mritunjaya Mantra is very miraculous and has the power of changing the Kaal of time.As per Sastra’s it should be used in following conditions :-

  • When there is an epidemic or spread of major disease in the society – One Crore Mantra Jap

  • For freeing one from major illness – One Lakh twenty Five thousand Mantra Jap ( 1.25 Lakh )

  • For success in travel and to remove fear of bad news – One Thousand Mantra Jap

  • For improving happiness in family & getting wealth – 1.25 Lakh Mantra Jap

  • For freeing from risk of sudden death – Ten Thousand Jap

For achieving desired result following things are important –
· Keep a photo or idol of Lord Shiv in front before starting the Mantra Jap.
· Face East while doing the Mantra Jap.
· Keep a lamp of Pure Ghee ( cow milk ghee) lit all the time during Jap.
· For counting the Mantra use Chandan Mala or Rudraksha Mala.
· Use seat ( Asan) of wool for sitting during Jap
· Have only fruit meal one time of the day.
· Each word of the Mantra should be pronounced clearly , properly and in low pitch.
· Sleep on floor during this period.
· If possible follow maun ( Mute ) vrat during this period.
· If required take a Pandit for doing rituals on starting and ending day of completing the Jap.

With the blessings of Lord Shiva any devotee following this Jap religiously would surely achieve the desired wish.

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  1. It is a wonderful mantra and along with Gayatri mantra, it has the power and potential to transform the life of every Indian. I chant these two daily, along with Aditya Hrudayam (for Sun God)

    उत्तर देंहटाएं