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Maharashtra is known as the land of saints. Ahmednagar district is blessed with presence of four of leading divine souls namely Sadguru Sai Baba of Shirdi, Shani Dev of Shingnapur, Saint Gyaneshwar of Newasa and Sadguru Kisangiri Baba of Shri Chetra Devgadh.
It is my profound privilege and with immense blessings of Sadguru Kisangiri Baba, I undertake upon myself to publish details of Devgadh on my blog for the benefit and knowledge of people across the world. Everything good in this presentation is by the divine blessings of Sadguru Kisangiri Baba and all the mistakes are owned by me.
Situated on the way to Shingnapur, at Devgadh, is the famous temple of Vishnu Bhagwan, Datta Prabhu, built by Kisangiri Baba. This temple is very clean and well developed. The way surroundings are maintained here, one feels refreshed at the first sight. Situated at the banks of Pravara River and surrounded by thousands of trees is this temple of Devgadh. By the visit to this pious place devotees achieve extreme pleasure.
Like Sai Baba of Shirdi, Kisangiri Baba was a great man who held miraculous powers and used them for the betterment of the mankind.
Born in 1907, in the house of a family of Bheel Caste at Godhegaon, situated at the banks of Pravara River, Kisangiri Baba was a bright soul since his early days. He was pious and kind. He loved humans and animals alike. Sadguru Kisangiri Baba followed life long chastity (bramhcharya).
He began showing his miraculous powers right since his tender age.
When Kisangiri baba was a child, he used to eat food cooked only by his mother. When he grew up he started eating food cooked only by his own hands. He was very compassionate towards animals. He had a habit of rescuing fish caught by his elder brothers. At the age of 8 years Baba showed his unusual abilities with his practice of making Shiv Lingas every night after working hard in the fields. At the riverbank he would make Shiv Lingas from sand and plunge twigs around it in the sand. After the structure is complete he would pour water from the river over it and the structure made from sand would dissolve. Baba would again make the Shiv Linga, and again pour water over it. He would stop only when the structure took in the water and stood firm. When this happened the twigs would start burning, spreading a pleasant aroma like incense stick (agarbathi). He continued these Shiv linga prayers unto age of 12 years.
When Baba was a twelve-year-old boy he spotted a large dying tree. He started watering this tree everyday bringing water from the river by a pumpkin. The tree came alive after few days. This incident stunned villagers.

Destitute Kisanji decided to leave for pilgrimage of Char Dham. He left with four rupees given to him by his father. He returned within fifteen days. People simply did not believe that he had visited all the places, for the time he had spent was not sufficient to make such a long journey. But when he told all the signs and gave all the proofs that he had visited, people began admiring him. He even returned four rupees that his father had given him. It was clear to the villagers that this young child was a great soul and they began calling him Kisan Baba.

When Kisan Baba became twenty years old, he began asking for food from people, who gave it to him willingly. Kisan Baba used to share his food with animals and fish. Wherever he went asking for food, people would be relieved from their troubles. Destitute would find jobs and sick people health. People got a savior in form of Kisan Baba.
Sitting beneath a tree at the banks of Pravara River, Kisan Baba started worshiping god Datta. He liked the place so much that with the help of people he started developing it. After fifteen years the uneven land was leveled and the work of construction began. People started giving Kisan Baba money along with food. No architect was ever appointed and the temple of Devgadh was built from the imagination of Kisangiri Baba.

During his lifetime Kisangiri Baba performed many wonders and taught people humanity. In his final days Baba imparted his responsibilities to a twenty-five year old disciple Bhaskarji, who is now known as Bhaskargiri Maharaj.

At Devgadh, beneath a temple built for him, the Samadhi of Kisangiri Baba is situated.

Some of the Miracles performed by Baba that bettered the lives of people or displayed his abilities are as follows:-
Forty-Eight Miles Journey in Thirty Minutes
Kisan Baba’s pilgrimage in fifteen days was not believed by some people, but one day, after an incident, their remained no doubt in their minds. He was told by the Patil of village to carry a message across to a nearby village. Kisan Baba left on his feet. After half-an-hour, Patil saw Kisan Baba wandering about in the village and angrily called him. He asked Kisan Baba why hadn’t he left for the task and received an answer that the task had already been finished. That was unbelievable, for the distance between two villages was twenty-four miles. However, Kisan Baba presented a chit that had an answer to Patil’s message. He had actually covered the distance within an impossible time.

Making Dead Man Alive
Once two devotees, a father and his son Gyandev, came to Devgadh. Before leaving they went to their friend house Tailor. Gyandev ate some of the snacks offered to him there and suddenly began vomiting blood. In a few minutes time, before someone could do a thing to comfort him, Gyandev was dead. On his death his father and women around began crying. But one person went to Kisangiri Baba and told him about the incident. Kisangiri Baba gave him a talisman and some powder. The person returned to the boy’s body and tied the talisman around his neck, spread the powder over his body and dropped some in his mouth. Instantaneously the boy woke. As though he had just slept.

Omnipresent Baba
Every year on Dattajayanti day Baba used to sit outside the temple and give blessings to all visitors. Once on Dattajayanti few villagers of Duttasingve village visited Devgadh in afternoon and started asking others when did Baba come here , on being told that Baba is sitting here since morning , they told others with complete surprise , that Baba was in their village and they are coming straight from there after taking Baba’s blessings. With this incident everyone understood that Baba is omnipresent.

Kisangiri Baba has left a great impact over this place. In front of the Datta temple is situated a temple of Kisangiri Baba. In front of this temple is another temple of Panchamukhi Siddheshwara. From behind this group of temples, a large stairway takes one to the bank of Pravara. A building present here, built by the trust of the temple, serves the devotees as a lodge. The whole place is well planned. There are restaurants, shops and gardens.

Devgadh is sixty kilometers away from Aurangabad. One could visit Devgad on their way to Shani Shingnapur.

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  2. Namaskar

    I would be grateful if you could forward this to your Guruji - Kishinagiri Baba's Devotee of Dattatray temple. I'm from London. I'm in possession of one of your Devghar (Devgudh) video for translation from Marathi to English. This was given to me a year ago, by Mr Prithvi Raj Datta, who had visited Him in the past & recently- only last month. He had asked me to watch it & traslate if can. I'm now seeking your help to do so, if possible. Please contact me on this email.
    Om Shanti

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