रविवार, 15 मार्च 2009


जय साईं राम

Jai Sai Ram

श्री सचिदानंद समर्थ सदगुरू साईनाथ महाराज की जय

ॐ राजाधिराज योगिराज परब्रम्ह साईनाथ महाराज की जय

It is my ardent feeling that we have to see God in every human being and by serving other’s we can achieve extreme form of pleasure within ourselves which is far far greater than material gains possible. With this as background, I wish to share my recent experience of taking prayers of Sai devotees from all over the world to Shirdi and the extreme pleasure which we felt by doing this service.

We came to Aurangabad in March 2008 and since then have visited Shirdi four times for divine darshan of Sadguru Sai Baba. We consider this our profound privilege that we got call from Sai Nath so often to visit Shirdi for Darshan of Sai Samadhi, Dwarikamai and Chavadi and we hope that we continue to get frequent Sai Darshan in future also .We are members of two email groups of Sai Baba Devotees namely and through which we have the pleasure of knowing about activities of various groups of Sai devotees across the globe on a daily basis. Through this group we came to know that there are many Sai devotees who wish to visit Shirdi for divine darshan of Sai Nath Prabhu however due to various reasons are unable to do so and wish that people visiting Shirdi carry their prayers to Shirdi.

We also desired to undertake this service and accordingly in our last two visits of 31st January 2009 and 14th March 2009 we had requested Ms Hetal Patil to put up on her blog this information for devotees to send their prayers individually to us via emails. We received prayers of 85 devotees in our visit on 31st January and 209 devotees on 14th March. These devotees were spread across the globe.

With divine blessings of Baba I had very good darshan at Shirdi with my family on both the occasions. We had carried print outs of prayers of devotees with us and we placed them along with a coconut on the lotus feet of Sai Baba. I am sure Sai Nath Prabhu would grant prayers of all devotees.

The pleasure of doing this service cannot be explained in words and it gives tremendous sense of satisfaction to us. We are absolutely certain that every time we visit Shirdi we would be writing to Hetalji for informing devotees to pass their prayers to us, which we would undertake upon ourselves to place on Sai Nath Prabhu’s lotus feet. The service which Ms Hetal is doing is much much greater than what we are doing and may Sai Nath give her the strength and determination to carry it always as without her it would not have been possible for us to do this service.

We got this idea of taking prayers along with us through the above mentioned email group and I am hopeful many people by reading this article would like to do this service. Anyone desiring to undertake this service could write to Ms Hetal about a week before their date of visit so that she can in turn inform devotees to send their urgent prayers to the visitor via email. One could write with their desire to carry prayer with proposed date of travel to Ms Hetal at and I am sure she will do the rest and one can hope to get prayers of many many devotees spread across the globe and experience the pleasure of doing this divine service.

ॐ साईं राम

Om Sai Ram

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