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जय श्री नागेश्वर 

In village Aundha the 8th Jyotirling called Nageshwar is situated. It is about 240 Kms from Aurangabad and one can easily go in the morning and return back to Aurangabad by evening. There are no decent places to stay in Aundha and hence one should not venture that. One can travel to Nanded and stay there alternatively. Nanded is just 65 kms from Aundha and it just takes about an hour to reach there.

An ancient name of Aundha Nagnath is Darukawan. There is an interesting story behind this place. There was a rakshasa (Devil) named Daruk, and there was a jungle (forest) where Naglokas were residing .Daruk used to eat the Naglokas so Nagloka prayed to lord Shiva. Lord Shiva came and killed that Daruka (man-eater). But at the end Daruk asked Lord Shiva one Var (wish) that the village would name after his name. Lord Shiva said tathastu and Daruk died .Lord Shiva had given fear free life to Naglokas that’s why Nagnath is called Nageshwar Darukwan jungle (forest) formed Jyotirlinga.

The Shiv Ling here is made of sand and hence is always covered with a silver cup and is opened only when Abhishek is performed.

The temple had been built by Pandvas.When Pandvas were in agyatwas they come to aundha nagnath.At that time there was a pond where now the big temple is situated. Many carvings are there on the temple. One specialty of this temple is that in 1212 A.D.the temple had moved round and main gate which was in East then after turning round it become in the West direction. As we know Mahadwar (main gate)of Shiv temple is always in the East direction but here it is in the West. This Jyotirlinga is called Harihar (Hari meaning Lord Vishnu & Har meaning Lord Shiv) Jyotirlinga.Lord Shiv and Lord Vishnu both are present here and is a must visit for all Shiv Bhakts.
ॐ नमः शिवाय 

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