गुरुवार, 29 अक्तूबर 2009


अच्छी सोच अच्छा कर्म ही सुखी जीवन प्राप्ति का रास्ता है 

People in all walks of life are in search of happiness. They desperately try to avoid sorrow and misery in their lives.One needs to understand why one faces sorry and misery when what one desires happiness and many times    they take these as their destiny - which is a sign of ignorance or lack of understanding / knowledge.

People should first attempt to attain true knowledge - a knowledge that inspires wisdom. They must understand the true concept of God .God is source of all manifestations . God is infinite- Anantakoti Bramhanda Nayak ( Lord of infinite creations ). God is neither kind nor cruel , nor does he shower mercy or vent his anger on anyone.When people perform various rites and rituals to appease him or to avoid his wrath , they are simple labouring under illusion.

I believe  if people can understand and follow given below two basic , simple universal laws they can achieve peace and happiness in their lives :-

  1. Action and Reaction are equal and opposite - People perform Good or Bad at three levels , namely , thought , speech and action. In turn they will get back good or bad depending on which of the three level they have performed that good or bad action.
  2. As you think so you become - Polluted thought is much much more serious and detrimental than air or water pollution which is getting unprecedented attention.
If you get your actions right and thought right - happiness and peace is bound to follow....have faith in universal law of Cause and Effect.

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