मंगलवार, 27 अक्तूबर 2009


असहाय की सहायता ही प्रभु की सच्ची सेवा है 

This is for all those who believe in god and wish to reach almighty by their deeds. This is for those who have responsibility towards their organisation where they work or towards their family - taking care of children etc. This is an important aspect and should not be neglected.

Whilst one has to do regular  service to God by daily prayers but the most important thing and definite route to reaching god is to HELP THE HELPLESS in whatever way one can do. This thought should be built into our personality , attitude and actions in every day life.

If one is sincerely taking care of their responsibility as well as HELPING THE HELPLESS they are sure to touch the almighty.God always tests human beings by appearing in various forms and one never knows the help that we provide to helpless may directly be service to God.

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