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ॐ नमः शिवाय 

Parli Vaijnath is situated in Beed District. Swayambhu & Jagrit Sthan of Lord Sri Vaijnath, one of the twelve places of Jyotirling in India.

Parli Vaijnath temple is an imposing and majestic temple situated on a hill, facing towards east having doors in south and North direction. As one enters the premises of the temple spacious stone steps and lofty Mahadwar attracts one's attention.In the entrance one can see a huge pillerless hall, which is totally made out of Sagwan wood. This temple is more famous then Kashi among the pilgrims as God Shankar is residing with Goddess Parvati. The temple was in ruins when Ahilyabai Holkar renovated the temple. The Sabhamandap and the Garbhagriha are on the same level which is rarely found in any Shiva Temple. The famous tale of Satyawan and Sawitri is also believed to have  happened here.

There are twelve Jyotirlingas, which are the most significant places of pilgrimage for Hindus. Among them five happen to be in  Maharashtra namely Shri Ghrishneshwar ( 12th Jyotirling ) in Ellora near Aurangabad , Shri Vaijnath ( 5th Jyotirling ) in Parli , Shri Nagnath ( 8th Jyotirling )  in Aundha , Shri Bhimashanker ( 6th Jyotirling ) near Pune and Shri Trimbakeshwar ( 10th Jyotirling )  in Nasik. . Shiva has been worshipped in these places for centuries. 

Parli Vaijnath is about 300 kilo-meters away from Pune, 35 km away from Ambejogai , 130-km From Nanded, and 230 Kms from Aurangabad.

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