गुरुवार, 29 अक्तूबर 2009


काजल में चमत्कार 
As per Hindu Tradition on the evening of Diwali  Diyas are lit all over the house   to welcome Ma Lakshmi , there is also a tradtion to make Kaajal ( काजल ) in house.For making Kaajal a clay pot ( Kajalota ) is used. Oil Lamp is lit and the flame is covered with a Kajalota. The fumes , smoke coming from the lamp make Kaajal in the clay pot and as per Hindu tradition this Kaajal is applied in the eyes of all family members on Diwali night and this is considered Subh.
This Diwali in our hometown Allahabad we were blessed by almighty , when whilst making Kaajal , first Trishul appeared in the clay pot and after some time it turned inot Lord Ganesh himself. Given above are the actual photos of Trishul , a symbol / weapon of Lord Shiva ,which appeared initially and after few hours it converted into image of Lord Ganesh. We believe we got live Darshan of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh in our house. We believe we must have done something good in our previous birth or some good karma of ours in this birth that we had such a miracle , chamatkar ( चमत्कार ) happening in our house and a unique way of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha giving us साक्षात् darshan and blessing us.   

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