शनिवार, 17 अक्तूबर 2009


कर्म ही आस्था है  
कर्म ही मानवता है 

कर्म ही  प्रधान है 

 Many times we hear people say that they are suffering although they have done no harm to anyone and have done their Karma with full sincerity. I believe this happens due to karma of previous birth. However , what is in control of human beings is the Karma of this birth and that is what they should concentrate on.So the question is if Karma of this birth gives good or bad effect in the next birth than why should one worry at all about this. Now one needs to understand this subject well. If you do lots of good or bad ( I am not writing here what is good or bad as that is something one understands very well ! ) in this birth you are bound to get  back a part of it in some form or the other in this birth. Extreme misuse of chair / powers that one has will surely give suffering in this birth. Moderate amount of bad Karma gives effect on one's children and family in this birth itself. I would strongly urge all to dedicate some amount of time to think about this to stop unnecessary suffering that their family or children are bound to get due to bad Karma of this birth. Dedicate some amount of wealth and time towards society , the down trodden and poor. Have belief in god and bow your head to the almighty but the true service to god is service to the poor. Pray to god but see god in living human being also. Today's materialistic world makes one commit bad Karma ( for money , position ,status etc )  and one must balance this out by doing good Karma - this is the Mantra , if one follows one will not suffer neither  will their family members.

SUMMARY - Balance out the Good and Bad Karma to avoid sufferings to self and family in this birth and sufferings to self in the next birth.

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