शनिवार, 31 अक्तूबर 2009


“ Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need , but not every man's greed .” –   Mahatma Gandhi

Spirituality is about liberation, whereas religion, as it is understood and practiced, is about control. At the lowest level religions tend to control through ignorance and blind belief. They do not wish to be questioned, because they have no answers. The Vedic culture is very clear on this. What they laid out as scriptures are the eternal immutable truth. They are not regulation. You can take these or leave them. They are meant to be guidelines for evolution, for the flowering of your consciousness.

When they laid down regulation for day to day living, they made it clear that these regulations  are changeable. These regulations need to evolve with time and space. There is no rigidity, there is no compulsion, and there is no pronouncement that these are God given and therefore cannot be questioned.

Vedic culture and religions which sprang from the Vedic culture stood for individual freedom; only such freedom can lead to awareness and liberation. Religions that tend to control through ignorance graduate into control through fear and greed.

Spirituality is about losing your fear and conquering greed. Drop aversion and attachment.
There is no heaven and hell. They exist only in our minds. You commit sins because you are in hell; you do not go to hell because you commit sins. Greed is the root cause of all sins.

Drop all notions of sin and merit, and of hell and heaven and live with awareness – Conquer greed for continued happiness.

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