शनिवार, 28 नवंबर 2009


Every one in this world wishes and desires to be happy but they follow wrong path and confuse happiness with money , success , name and fame. There is no point in being successful if happiness is not there. It is like the lemon and spoon race that one plays in childhood - you can win only if you reach the finish line first and have the lemon on the spoon and it should not have fallen down on way . It is better to come 2nd or srd rather than first but one must have the lemon on the spoon. Lemon in this case is like happiness. So one has to strive for success but not at the cost of happiness.

The question is - Can money buy happiness ? Do great achievements bring true happiness ? Riches , success and achievements may bring name , fame and pride but they do not always bring happiness. If lack of money and success creates sorrow , their possession does not give happiness either.The question than is how can one be peaceful and happy , irrespective of whether you are a success or failure ?

In my opinion if you want happiness , unite with god - for this you do not need to abandon the pursuit of riches , success and achievements. If one is without ego one will see god in all beings. One who has ego only sees status , rank , position , wealth in other beings and that is the barier to uniting with god.

So to be happy , be free from ego , see god in every being and love them and thus unite with God and in turn be happy.

जीवन की  असली खुसी अहंकार त्याग कर हर जीव को भगवान  समान समझ कर उसकी  सेवा करने में ही  है |

जीवन की असली सफलता केवल धन संपत्ति में ही  नहीं है , दूसरों   को  दी  गयी  छोटी खुशियाँ भी जीवन को सफल बनाती हैं | 

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