रविवार, 1 नवंबर 2009


Every person in some way or the other is a Role model – a leader at work for his team members , parents for their children etc.

To be a good role model one should have ability to inspire others to follow their example, willingly and cheerfully. A good role model will both inspire confidence and give a strong example of what we should aim for. The role models should :-

1. Lead by example: Do what you preach or only preach what you follow. 

 मानव  उपदेश  सुनते  हैं  टन  भर  , देते  हैं  मन भर   और  ग्रहण  करते  हैं  कण  भर 
2. Humility:  People will be much more willing to follow a person who embodies humility.
 3. Appreciate Others: If people get appreciation then it will definitely encourage them to continue doing the right thing. At the same time, our appreciation should be sincere and not flattery.
 4. Avoid arguments: If people criticize your approach, often the best thing to do is not get involved in arguments. You can listen to their criticism politely and thank them for their concern, but often the best approach is just to focus on the new approach; look forward and don't feel the need to defend yourself.
 5. Listen to others: If you listen to others, they will definitely appreciate it. Often you may find that your workers have good ideas that you can incorporate.
 6. Admit your mistakes and shortcomings.

 7. Love your team members.

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