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65 Kilometers from Udaipur in Kankroli , Rajsamand District is situated one of very old and powerful temples of India – Lord Dwarikadhish , one of the seven forms of Lord Krishna.

Maharana Raj Singh I built the temple in 1676. The idol in the temple was brought from Mathura and installed here in the year 1676. The head priest of the temple is one of the descendants of Vallabhacharya – the Vaishnava Spiritual Guru. The temple has been built on a hill and overlooks the beautiful Rajsamand Lake. It makes a pretty sight, quite grand and attractive from across the lake.

The idol was placed in the present temple, which was constructed at the time of the inaugural ceremony of the Rajsamand Lake in 1676 A.D. Shri Bal Krishna ji, the grand son of Vallabhacharya, took the initiative to care for the deity. Since then, Kankroli Temple is the third peeth (religious temple) of Vaishnav religion as Pushtimarg (way to completion).
The music and song played every evening adds to the soothing effect during Darshan of Lord Dwarikadhish.It is located about 20 kms from the famous Nathdwara temple. Every year, people in large numbers come to visit this temple from all over India. If one is visiting Udaipur and Nathadwara one must visit this temple of Dwarikadhish, to receive the blessings of Lord Dwarikadhish

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