गुरुवार, 9 अप्रैल 2009


दया धर्म ही ईश्वर की सच्ची पूजा

The very basis of human life is to do act of kindness towards other living beings be it another human being or animals or even plants for that matter. To start with this act of kindness should be towards the family members and close relatives and then depending upon the might an individual must extend the act of kindness towards those closely associates eg house maids , driver , gardener , security etc and then to the neighbors and society which is the extended family.

Now what is this act of kindness – it is simply our approach towards others .The approach has to be positive and helping. We should be able to feel the pain of others and do whatever we can to eliminate this pain. This could just mean listening to their woes or actually doing something material to eliminate the problems in their life. We should always do these acts of kindness out of love for people. It has to be done for the benefit of the people for whom this act of kindness is done. The real motive is to help others and not to have any personal gain.

It is quite natural for human beings to have ulterior motives whilst doing these acts of kindness. Some of these ulterior motives are - to get favour in return , to achieve greater respect from others , to show off in society or to get control over others. In my opinion irrespective of the motive an act of kindness is an act of kindness and all human beings should practice it. If it can be voluntary and without any ulterior motive it is best but one should not wait for reaching a stage when one will have no ulterior motives and then only start acts of kindness.

One should practice this regularly so that children can watch and learn to do it themselves as this is the only way of improving brotherhood in society.

We should do act of kindness as God is constantly watching our acts and taking account of them. A good deed will always pay back even if there is no short term motive one should always practice.

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