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Would you believe if I tell that there are still some parts in this country where physically challenged children are treated with absolute disrespect to humanity , to the extent that they are kept chained in their houses so that they do not go out of the house. These children are treated as though they are in embarrassment to the family. Whilst this is the story on one side there is other part of this story – I have been in touch with a group of noble people who are trying their best to run a school where such children can build their confidence and fight with the society for their right place. This is -

Shri Dwarkesh Aksham Seva Sansthan, Rajsamand

“Dedicated to human capabilities and possibilities ”
Under the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan state the need of Specialty Schools was felt from long period of time. Due to lack of specialty schools in the entire Udaipur region, nearly 200 to 250 physically challenged children were not being taken care of. This was the background under which this School was established in January 01, 2004 for the sake of disabled children of the region.
Shri Dwarkesh Aksham Seva Sansthan is working for the overall development of the disabled children of the area and it is the only institute of the district providing such type of services for the disabled children. It is registered under Rajasthan Societies Registration Act- 1958 and also under PWD Act-1995 (Section-52). Thus, Jagriti Special School driven by Sansthan was established in July 01, 2004 as a base for the disabled children of the area. It is affiliated to the School Education Department of Government of Rajasthan. Nearly 42 children are studying in the school at present, taking lessons of general education with special education in the areas of hearing, speaking, behavioral and vocational fields.
Objectives of the Institution:
1. Providing general and vocational education facilities for hearing impaired, mentally impaired, dumb , deaf and blind children.
2. Establishment of integrated school for education to disabled children and joining them to the main social stream of the nation.
3. Emergence of the capabilities of the concerned children through various co-curricular activities and help them in being a good citizen.
4. Providing administrative and medical facilities to disabled persons through various camps and building their esteem through motivation and behavioral training.
5. Providing employment opportunities to the children through short programs and motivating them for self employment by providing sufficient inputs.
6. Creating confidence in parents and providing them technical knowledge through seminars and group discussions.
7. Developing facilities of Hostel for the students of Rajsamand and near by areas for children to provide them in house services.
“Our vision is to maintain feasibility of our work through Knowledge, behavior and labor”
Services Offered by Institution: Hearing Training , Vocal Improvement Training ,Entertainment & Picnic , Transportation Facility , School Activities , Psychologist ,Play-Therapy
Special Training: Home Based Training , Sports ,Re-Habilitation ,Dance ,Day Care Facilities , Entertainment Facilities ,Yoga & Meditation
Mission: Education & Vocational Training , Integrated School ,Educational Activities for Empowerment of Skills , Medical & Administrative Facilities ,Employment Assistance ,Awaking Parents
Vocational Training: Candle Making , Chalk Making , Envelope Making ,Clay Modeling , Handicraft Training , Drawing & Painting ,Tailoring

This is an appeal to all the intellectuals and sensitive people of this world to provide helping hand in building this Institution and its activities. Still, nearly 250 children are not able to get the facility of education and training in this region due to lack of in-campus school facility in this area. The institute is trying to provide the in-house facilities to children from the next term. The golden future of the children is only possible with your total contribution!
You can provide your services in the following ways to the institution:
· Assisting institution for the development of permanent campus
· Trusteeship in institution
· Providing technical aids for training of disabled children
· Through Annual Membership
· Providing assistance or technical aids in the memory of your beloved ones
· Providing important items to the institution
· For other development activities
· Adoption of poor children (Annual 7000/-)
One and all are requested to contribute for this holy work of “Human Service” and for developing the life-style of disabled children through their precious contribution!

Donations are Exempt from Income Tax under Income Tax Act (Section 80-G)
Cheque/ DD to be made in favour of Shree Dwarkesh Aksham Seva Sansthan Rajsamand Address for sending DD /cheque:

Rakesh Kumar Pariyani
Shree Dwarkesh Aksham Seva Sansthan
"Pariyani Bhawan"
Outside Surajpole

Contact No. : Mob 09413474089/02952 230129

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