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Prayer is the very breath of religion, for it brings man and God together and with every sigh, nearer and nearer - Bhagwan Shri Sathya Sai Baba

Most dictionaries define prayer as a reverent petition made to God. It also takes form of devotion, confession, praise, or thanksgiving. People pray for health, safety, security, good grades in school, job promotion, wealth, or for nobler goals like world peace and an end to human suffering.
Prayer is a communication process that allows us to come near to God.Praying is like talking to your best friend . Ask for forgiveness for whatever sins you have done ( knowingly / unknowingly ) and cleanse you of it. Tell Lord your needs! Thank Lord for taking care of you.Approach the prayer with confidence and belief that God will deliver.With joy that God can deliver. With expectation that God is going to deliver. Prayer is an index of our belief in God and our relationship with Him. What we say and how we say it reflects and reveals the image we have of Him.
Prayer is a key, which opens many doors. Whether we are giving thanks or seeking help for others, or ourselves we are working to understand our relationship with the Lord. Some prayers are affirmations of Gods glory, but in all prayers we seek to draw closer to God.
Undoubtedly it is an acknowledgement that a Creator or a Higher Power that controls our destiny exists, but does the act stem from love, hope fear or faith?Prayer works - but not always in the manner we intend. We may not receive a particular benefit that we seek, but prayer draws us closer to God. It establishes a line of communication with the Lord and builds His presence in our minds. And yes, many times our specific prayers are granted - although not always as we expect.
Prayers are to be recited before enjoying any material pleasure, such as eating or wearing new clothes; before performing any acts; upon seeing anything unusual; at the site of a great tragedy; whenever some good or bad thing happens; and prayers to recite before going to bed at night. All of these prayers are in addition to formal prayer services, which are performed every weekday and at additional times on festivals and holy days.
There are numerous instances in religious books and stories where prayers seem to have worked. For most people who pray, their everyday experience is that prayers seem to work at times and do not work at other times. The common thread in all prayers that work seems to be visualisation. It seems to be an essential ingredient of prayer. Prayer is essentially visualisation, and visualisation is thought. The secret is positive thinking sustained over a period. In terms of prayer, persistent thought translates as persistent prayer. We pray to God as humans have the power to create the intention, but it is only God who can materialise it. Even if prayer does not change things, it might change you and help you cope better with the ups and downs of life.

If your prayer makes you a better person than you were yesterday, then your prayer has been answered.

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