शनिवार, 16 जनवरी 2010


Sushmita Sen , ex Miss Universe and a successful actress has once again adopted a three months old girl child , Alisah(which in greek means joyful).In my opinion this is a great act of humanity on many fronts.Her first adopted girl child’s name is Renee.Now she is 10 years old.
Sushmita Sen is very beautiful because her thought is clear like a water, bright like a sun, who gives light everywhere. People like Sushmita Sen are very rare , who do like this job. People can give money in charity but don't want to take such kind of  responsibility.Becoming a single parent, giving good education,making their good future, its really amazing job. Increasingly people are doing these acts which shows their contribution to society. Hats off to people like Susmita.

Mostly people hesitate in child adoptation as it requires lot of time and energy.In India still maximum people want boy baby, in that case she adopted both girl baby.Now both these children will get her name,and they will achieve their dream because of the  begining that Sushmita is giving them.So many rich people are there but it is very rare that they adopt child & give their name & fame.
It is very rare to see anyone adopting a child and that too a girl child in such a society where every comming day there is a news of killing a girl child.Sushmita Sen has not only shown her humanity but also has now become an inspiration and a perfect example for everyone .She has also set examples for all those people who feel that charity and humanitarian measures ends in donating money only by showing that she has given her life to the two girls and also has given them a recognition in this entire machinery of mankind- the so called Society
Always I wish & hope that more and more  people should think like this so that our country may shine more..

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