शनिवार, 12 दिसंबर 2009

DHARMABAL - धर्मबल

Dharmabal is the biggest force.For those who have such a force with them , the worldly force is meaningless.If you are with Dharma you do not need to fear anything , you do not need to fear anybody. We should always move on path of Dharma even if lakshmi leaves and we have fear of becoming poor.If we walk on the path of Dharma , Dharmaraj will be with us and wherever Dharmaraj stays ,there stays Narayana and lakshmi and all God and Goddess too.

Those who oppose Dharma  get destroyed in long run.

There are three stages of people :Uttam (उत्तम ) or superior , madhyam ( मध्यम ) or middle standard and Adham (अधम ) or inferior.The adham people always think , "can I do that great work ? Shall I do ? No,perhaps , I will not be able to do great work ". They always avoid such work. The madhyam people come forward , associate themselves to do great work but when obstacles come , they dissociate themselves from the great work . The Uttam people always participate in great work.Such people cannot walk away from the path of Dharam even if there are huge obstacles. They are always victorious. 

So to be successful and victorious one should always stick to the path of Dharma.

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