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According to the Christian mythology, Santa Claus is a merry old man who visits the home of good children on Christmas eve and delights them by giving them gifts. The mythical history of Snata Claus is recreated even in present times and even today Santa Claus , the legendary bringer of gifts is a well-loved figure of all. Most importantly, he is the patron saint if children.Santa Claus has created an unforgettable picture in the minds and hearts of young kids.


Mythical Santa Claus originated from the Turkish Bishop name St. Nicholas who lived in the 4th century AD. It is said that St. Nicholas was born in a very wealthy family living in south Turkey.He was always very kind to people and was famous for his benovelence for those in trouble. When his parents died he gave all his wealth in charity. He supposed to have died on Dec. 6 and that is why in some places St. Nicholas feast is celebrated on this day.

His kindheartedness and helping nature earned him the title of the MAGICAL WORKER as well as SANTA CLAUS.

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