शनिवार, 19 दिसंबर 2009


प्रभु कि  आस्था से ही  विश्व शांति संभव 

One of the most important thing that will help to eliminate world suffering – more than money , food , technology , houses or any other material aid – is to meditate and transmit to others the divine consciousness of God that we feel.

I believe a time will come when in greater understanding we shall have no boundaries anymore. We shall call the earth our country , and we shall , by a process of justice and international assembly , distribute unselfishly the goods of the world according to the needs of the people.

But equality cannot be established by force , it must come from heart …we must start now , with ourselves . We should try to be like divine ones who have come on earth again and again to show us and others the way. By our loving each other and keeping our understanding clear peace can come upon us and we can spread it seamlessly across the world.

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